Orisa is Now Available in Competitive

After a short induction period in quick play, Orisa is now available for play in competitive mode in Overwatch.

For those out of the loop, Orisa is a brand new hero that recently got added to the Overwatch roster. Orisa can be found in the tank category. Players have remarked that she offers a utility kit somewhat in between Bastion and Reinhardt. For example, Orisa has the ability to lay down shields that can block incoming damage, just like Reinhardt’s shield. Orisa's basic weapon is also fairly similar to Bastions' turret ability.

Orisa's ultimate allows her to boost the damage of players in her vicinity. For now, many players are still getting to grips with Orisa and we're not sure where she'll sit on the competitive meta if anywhere at all. With Reinhardt, Zarya and Roadhog still dominating the tank game, and other picks like D.Va and Winston still being relevant, it's hard to see where Orisa will fit in on the table.

It'll certainly take some more time to see what Orisa is truly capable of. For now, she's considered a well-rounded champion and her skills offer a lot of utility to the team. With that in mind, however, she's missing that special something to make her a star tank player currently.

We wouldn't say Orisa need a buff but it'll be some time before high tier competitive players get to grips with her. We'd love to see her be a regular pick in competitive games.

Have you tried out Orisa yet? What are your thoughts on this new tank hero? Think she could be a new game-changer, or is she lagging behind the top tanks?