Overwatch: Lucio is Getting a Damage Buff

With the new public test realm live on the PC, we can start to see some of the changes to Overwatch's Lucio.

For a long time, Lucio has been considered to be one of the top tier support heroes in Overwatch. His ability to heal his entire team with an automatic area of effect has proven to be the game winner in countless situations. Lucio's ultimate ability has helped teams fight off enemies in scenarios that would otherwise be unsurvivable.

In the public test realm, all of that is about to change, although he'll be getting some buffs to his own personal performance alongside these changes. Soon, Lucio's radius on his area of effect ability will be limited from 30 meters down to just 10 meters. This is quite a big jump and will make a massive difference in team fights where Lucio's team is spread thin.

To balance this change a little, the healing done from Lucio's healing song has actually been increased by 50%, so if you are within the radius of Lucio, you'll get even more heals. This will put pressure on Lucio players to actually travel between players that need healing. This will mean Lucio players will be required to adopt a more active playstyle to heal their teammates, in a similar fashion to Mercy or Ana.

Lucio will also be getting a buff to his own abilities. The projectile speed of his basic weapon will be an increase from 40 to 50, and his wall running will give Lucio a 30 percent movement speed boost. Jumping off of a wall will also temporarily boost Lucio's speed. By the sound of it, Lucio will become even harder to hit, and his additional speed will help him to travel between heroes that need his support.

Many Overwatch players are considering this patch to be a nerf to Lucio, but with a more active playstyle, Lucio players could potentially benefit from these new changes.