Halo 4 Info

The flood have become a very iconic race in the Halo series, and from every game since launch there has been at least a small reference to the parasitic species.

It's been known for a while that we won't be seeing the flood in the Halo 4 campaign, but new gameplay reveals the ability to play as the flood creatures in the newly buffed infection game mode.

Infection starts off with a group of players fighting against a predefined number of 'infected' players. In previous games the infected usually wielded an energy sword and had different health stats depending on the game variant. In Halo 4, when a player gets killed by the infected, the player will die and then transform into a figure of the well-known sentient plague. It's expected that the human players will start the game with shotguns, and the flood players will also have the option to use between three different armor abilities, one of which will be a thruster pack, capable of boosting the player towards other live players.

The game mode name will be changed to flood, which won't make a significant difference, and it'll be likely to have its own matchmaking playlist like the Living Dead in Halo Reach.

I'm interested to find out how the flood mode will play out in the new matchmaking atmosphere, and whether we'll see any flood missions in Spartan Ops.

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Written by Ollie Green