rocket league xbox one

Soon Rocket League will finally be coming to the Xbox One. After being available for PlayStation 4 and the PC since it's release, Xbox One players have not had the chance to play Rocket League. However, Rocket League will be launching on Xbox One in February and it won't just be the exact same content as the other versions.

When the Xbox One version of Rocket League lands in February, exclusive content will be added. The exclusive content will only be cosmetic, but it can be considered a bit of an extra bonus for loyal Xbox One players. The cosmetic items have all been based on the Xbox One exclusive, Sunset Overdrive.

In Rocket League, players can customize their vehicles with a variety of attachments. They can also change their rocket fuel color and make a number of other adjustments. A lot of the cosmetic items already available in the PS4 and PC versions of Rocket League are based around popular video games or concepts so having Sunset Overdrive content will be a welcome addition. Perhaps the coolest Sunset Overdrive cosmetic item for Rocket League will be the Overcharge Rocket Booster. On top of the awesome appearance, when the booster is activated, you can hear the firing mechanism from the Ahab gun in Sunset.

The Sunset Overdrive cosmetic items will be joined alongside two new exclusive Xbox One vehicles based upon Gears of War and Halo. The vehicles are called the Armadillo and the Hogsticker.