Fans Make Complaints About the Game's Guns are Broken, Developer Claims They Have Changed.

Well Uncharted 3 was just released recently and while the game is truly epic, fans are finding out that the game's guns aren't as great as they were in the previous installments. Thus, they have contacted and complained to Naughty Dog and voicing their opinion on their forums as well, according to this article on Kotaku.

In response to these issues of aiming and how gunfire is represented in-game, the developers of Naughty Dog have stated response displaying the mechanics. In a more detailed look, they have issued a full rundown on Uncharted 3's shooting mechanics, which shows that the game isn't broken but instead, different. The guns have more recoil and altered accuracy, targeting has changed, and enemies move differently when compared to the last two games.

If you've got the game already and want to know exactly why things have changed, you can read the detailed specifics on the game's alterations on Naughty Dog's site.