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  • Evil at DEVASTATION 2011

    DEVASTATION 2011 was a blast!

    Special Thanks to Jedi Robb for creating such an incredible event.

    So many great industries were represented and everyone there had a chance to speak to some of the biggest names in professional gaming.

    Justin Wong represented the Evil Geniuses in full force by winning both Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition and the Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 tournament.

    Professional gamer sWooZie was walking around the convention, taking pictures and talking to his fans on a personal level.

    From last year, the event has grown dramatically. Evil Controllers had one of the largest booths there and we also featured an Xbox 360 give away in addition to our very own Mortal Kombat character, courtesy of Cosplayer Rosanna Rocha. Evil Controllers easily had one of the hottest booths there.

    If you missed out this year you will want to make sure you buy your tickets for DEVASTATION 2012 next year. Over 50 events took place and everyone's favorite games were represented.

    Check our facebook page for images of the event.

  • Keeping Your Controllers Clean.

    Random Thoughts about Avoiding a Dirty, Greasy, and/or Messy Controller.

    So on Speak Up article on Kotaku about dirty controllers it came to my attention that over the years of gaming since I was a young kid that I've been always struggling with the problem about messed up and greasy controllers. We, as a gaming society, tend to take our consoles' controllers for granted and do abusive things to them. We get dust on them, weunknowinglycough on them when we had a sick day from work/school, we'd toss them out our window and get them stuck in a tree because someone on Marvel vs Capcom 3 decided to be the cheapest jerk in the world by using Sentinel-Hulk-Magneto fourteen times in a row. In result, they begin to malfunction and we have to buy another controller or send it in for repairs.

    So, in a gesture of proper controller care, I decided to share some tips on how to take care of your controller so malfunctioning rarely or never occurs in your gaming life.

    1. Use electronic cleaning wipes.
    Why? Because it makes sense. By wiping that grease from your lunchs Double-Double Animal Style off your Active Reload, it is less likely your controller is going to slip out of your hands and break on the ground during an intense round in Horde Mode in GOW3.

    2. Avoid eating something that leaves dusts while you play with your controller.
    Cheetos are a common suspect in this case. Cheeto dust leave behind a greasy film on your controller and the dust can likely get into the hard to clean ridges of your controller and probably inside it as well. If you must eat cheetos while mowing down noobs online, have a pile of wet naps at your side at all times. You'll thank me later.

    3. When angry, don't take it out on your controller.
    From a personal standpoint, it is best to just not do it. Unless you are like me and want to climb an aging orange tree to fetch your Xbox controller. Your controller didn't do anything wrong, so why damage it?

    So those are my tips on taking care of your controller. There are many other tips out there like them, but these are the ones I've come across a lot in my gaming life. And if you play as many games as I do, they are tips to live by.

  • CNN interviews Gears of War 3 Cosplayer Megan Marie

    Comic Con News: Meet the GOW Cosplayer Megan Marie

    At San Diego ComicCon and various comic book/video game/anime conventions around North America and the world, you'll see them in the halls, attending panels, and even eating lunch at nearby eateries. You may know one of them, you may be one of them, you are reading an article written by one of them. I'm talking about cosplayers. Cosplay is defined as "costume play" which was coined by the Japanese when dressing up in costumes of their favorite geek culture icons. At this past Comic Con, CNN took the time out to talk with one of best cosplayers out there, Megan Marie.

    As you can see from the video, she takes it seriously. As a cosplayer myself, I know what it means. It means dedication because you love a video game or a comic book or an anime a lot. Megan is so dedicated to the Gears of War franchise she made sure of every single detail. And when I mean every single detail I mean from the bandages to the lancer to even the hair style of Anya Stroud. She must have done lots of research via playing the game over and over for hours on end.

    Some of those who are reading this article are probably asking "why?" I think Megan described it best:

    "When you put on one of these costumes it is literally instantaneously empowering. Its such a high."

    Empowering high that you can probably only get from being in cosplay. You aren't you, you're something you wanted to be or partake to be for at least a few hours. So don't think of it as someone dressing up for the sake of dress up, it's more of being dedicated to a franchise. In this case, Gears of War 3.

  • Have Your Video On Our Youtube Channel

    Starting on Monday, the 18th, Evil Controllers will be accepting your video submissions for our Youtube Channel. If your video meets our criteria it will be posted alongside our regularly uploaded videos. On August 22nd Evil Controllers will look at the video with the most likes (dislikes wont count against you) and we will award prizes to the videos that get the most likes.

    In addition to the awesome prizes, Evil Controllers will select our favorite video of the week and post it every Friday morning to give the Youtube channel a shout out on our facebook and Twitter. This will help get the originators their due. Be sure to subscribe to our channel at​lcontrollers and to vote on the videos you believe are best.

    Subscribing to our channel, liking the videos and leaving a comment gives you a chance to win something as well. One randomly selected comment will be chosen from the winning video and the commenter will win their own prize. If that commenter is found having commented more than once on that video they will be ineligible for the prize and another commenter will be randomly selected. If you want to have a conversation on a particular video, simply add the words, Dont count this, so we know that you arent commenting for the contest. Be careful though, because additional comments without, dont count this, will eliminate you from being able to win!

    All Participants must be subscribed to our channel to win and will be contacted via Youtube.

    1st Place: Calibur11 Bundle with Matching Custom Controller

    2nd Place: One Pre-Made Controller from our facebook photo album, Youtube Contest Choice found on our Facebook

    3rd Place: $50 Evil Controllers Digital Gift Card

    4th & 5th Place: $20 Evil Controllers Digital Gift Card

    Prize for leaving a comment:
    1st Place: One Pre-Made Controller from our facebook photo album, Youtube Contest Choice found on our Facebook

    How do you get your videos to us?

    Thats simple, upload your video to your channel and keep the video private. Select the option to privately share the video and type in the Evil Controllers username, EvilControllers. We will review whether or not the video is appropriate for our audience.

    It should focus on Evil Controllers related content or great gameplay footage or hilarious videogame commentary. Be creative, but entries with inappropriate language will not be uploaded to our channel.

    <<Once youve shared a video with us, that video becomes property of Evil Controllers so be sure to record new footage that isnt on your own channel.>>

    Evil Controllers will add our logo upon uploading it to our own channel.
    What will get your video disqualified?
    -Your Channel or Video has offensive content or language.
    -Your video has sexist, racist, or any kind of derogatory comments to any group or individual.
    -Your video has no content directly related to Evil Controllers or gaming.
    -No Copyrighted Music, use your own music or the music of a friend of yours, some places online have music that belongs to everyone and is copyright free.

    Ask people to like or subscribe to our channel to help you solidify the most likes.

    Keep in mind, since these videos are for Evil Controllers' official channel, Evil Controllers reserves the right to ignore any submissions for reasons that dont need to be shared with the submitter.

    This will be an excellent way for clans and gamers to get their gameplay footage into the eyes of gamers across the world and we hope that everyone will take advantage of this opportunity; participants are allowed to submit up to 3 videos during the duration of the contest.

  • Electronic Arts Extends Its Business

    Electronic Arts, the game developer giant, has recently acquired PopCap Games for $750 million. PopCap Games is a popular creator of casual and social games for multiple formats; some favorites are Plants vs. Zombies, Bejewelled, and Peggle. Electronic Arts CEO, John Ricitiello, now boasts a digital business worth upwards of $1 billion, and the new addition to EA makes them the number two publisher on Facebook.

    PopCap games selected Electronic Arts from a long list of offers they have been receiving, and David Roberts, CEO of PopCap, said this about choosing EA, They have recast their culture around making great digital games… we'll scale our games and services to deliver more social, mobile, casual fun to an even bigger, global audience.

    Electronic Arts allows PopCap access to a larger market, and a larger developing staff, in order to produce the highest quality games. In turn, PopCap opens a large new market for Electronic Arts, and both companies expect to profit from the acquisition.

    This is great news for gamers!

    Seeing that the two companies are already successful in their respective gaming fields, it can only mean more great progressive games, and endless entertainment from the guaranteed future releases. With Battlefield 3 due for release soon, and the recent acquisition of PopCap Games, Electronic Arts is set for the future. As their business expands and their current releases hit markets, I expect to see a lot more excellent progressive work from EA.

  • Evil D-Pad Perfect for Gears of War 3

    Evil D-Pad Perfect for Gears of War 3

    I am sure many gamers out there have encountered a game in which the original Microsoft D-Pad has failed them in some way. There are many games where you use the D-Pad in order to switch between weapons and equipment, perform a special move, or just simply walk around. These types of flukes dont happen all the time, but they do occur more often than you think. I am sure many out there will agree with me when I say that it always seems to fail us at the most important moment. This flaw in the controller has caused quite a ruckus in the gaming industry. However the workers at Evil Controllers have solved this problem.

    Here at Evil Controllers we have created what we like to call, the Evil D-Pad. This new product is going to change the way you game, for the better. No more walking down when you meant to walk right. No more pulling out a claymore when you meant to call out your UAV. No more missing out on your special attack because the old D-Pad decided you didn't input it correctly. The old Microsoft D-Pad has a completely flat surface that only uses a small raised area to input the direction. So you have to hit the direction almost perfectly in order to use the D-Pad proficiently. With this type of set-up, it leaves room for error. On the other hand, the new Evil D-Pad uses individual buttons. So there is no chance at a mistake.

    With the release of Gears of War 3 on the horizon this is the perfect time for gamers to invest in improving their controller. The Evil D-Pad is ideal for weapon switching because of its accuracy. You wont die because you pulled out a grenade instead of a pistol. This can also be used for the older Gears of War games as well. So don't just think it is only compatible with the Gears of War 3. It will also look amazing with our popular red skull imaging. So be sure to check out Evil Controllers website to get your Evil D-Pad.

    -Evil Brittany

    Game Hard. Game Evil.

  • Gears of War 3

    Gears of War 3

    Gears of War 3 has been long awaited for many gamers. Especially since the release date
    has been pushed back an entire year. Many people are itching to get their hands on this game
    since the whole Gears of War franchise has been extremely successful.
    People who have played the Gears of War series enjoy most of their time spent
    playing the multiplayer online. The beta for Gears of War 3 was released to the a select few
    gamers about a month ago back in April 2011. These players got a chance to test out the new
    multiplayer online for the game. The turnout was huge and the results were nothing short or
    fantastic. Some of the reviews of the beta gave us inside information on what the new game is
    going to be like and how much everyone enjoyed it. The special effects of some of the online
    multiplayer maps were supposedly amazing. Apparently, one of the maps is taken over by a
    sandstorm and in all the maps you can interact with some of the set ups on the stages as well.
    Although the beta only gives you a glimpse, it gives us a good look on what to expect from the
    rest of the game.

    All in all this game sounds like it will be a best seller and will be at the top of my
    personal list of games to buy during the year of 2011. The game is set to release Tuesday
    September 20, 2001. So if you dont have the money to spend on the game, now would be a
    good time to start saving! Another item to add to your list of things to buy is the Gears of War
    3 controller we are coming up with here at Evil Controllers. It is definitely a must-by and well
    worth the money if you want to be a contestant for one of the top gamers on the leader boards for
    Gears of War 3.
    If you already own Gears of War 2, don't forget that Evil Controllers offers an Active Reload controller to give you perfect reloads EVERY TIME. You can also expect us to release a Gears of War 3 Controller around the game's release date.

  • Modded Controllers: PS3 Adjustable Fast Reload

    Modded controllers: PS3 Adjustable Fast Reload

    The controller for the serious PS3 gamer out there, this is the Rapid Fire PS3 controller with an adjustable fast reload function. The PS3 Adjustable Fast Reload is the only PS3 modded controller in the world to have a fast reload function that can adjust to about any gun you choose (whether it be an M16, a FAL, or even any of the Covenant's weaponry in Halo). With a faster reloading time, it gives you an advantage over your opposition all thanks to your ability reload faster, saving precious time and life in any game. Once you start experiencing its functions and potential, one can really see its advantages in online competitive modes like team deathmatch or player vs player matches.

    Another great feature of this PS3 Adjustable Fast Reload is its Rapid Fire. The feature makes any single shot/semi-auto gun (like the FAL) turn into a full automatic firearm (for example, a semi-automatic FAL can have the ability to repeatily fire like a fully automatic AK-47).

    If you wonder if this modded controller is compatible with the hit games of today, it is assured that its up to even recent games like Black Ops or Medal of Honor. This meaning that there are no need for gamers to worry about about setting the controller up, as it is adjustable to any game out there.

    So if you're a PS3 gamer and in the market for a modded controller, PS3 Adjustable Fast Reload is what you are looking for to fulfill your modded controllers

  • Evil Imaging

    Many of you have been asking, when will our Evil Imaging be back in stock? Evil Controllers is in the process of offering our fans more options. We're in the process of giving gamers more control and providing more products. You continue to show interest in our Evil Imaging and the waiting lists for our Carbon Fiber and Woodgrain controllers continue to grow, we truly appreciate your patience.

    Evil Controllers now offers XCM products and we've reinstated our online forum to give our community a healthy public space in which to discuss gaming news as well as our products. Be sure to stop by and say hi to your fellow gamers.

    To those of you that pay close attention to our Twitter and Facebook updates, we know you're just waiting for us to reveal our soft grip design that's still in beta and as soon as that's ready for release we'll be sure to let everyone know. The soft grip Evil Controller feels great, but isn't quite ready for mass production. At Evil Controllers we don't attach our name to anything that isn't of the highest caliber. So as it's said from Blizzard to Activision, it's done when it's done. We're not rushing it's conception because ultimately that leads to a bad product.

    If you already have a controller with our Evil Imaging, show it off on our facebook page. Let people know what they're missing! In the meantime, we will work hard and will focus on getting those controllers back in stock.

  • Brink

    Brink has been in and out of the media for quite some time. I don't think people really know what to make of it. The developers' diary reveals a game that wants to be a little bit of everything. Splash Damage refers to it as a genre bending title and I can see why. Brink has a little bit of Mirror's Edge, it has some Team Fortress 2, and it definitely has some SOCOM elements to it as well. The developers say it breaks apart the barrier between a single player game and a multiplayer one, but what does that mean exactly?

    Hyperbole aside. Brink appears to be a squad based shooter with a cool and unique art style that's almost a love child between Borderlands and Team Fortress 2. I like it, I dig the way it looks, but with the new Call of Duty map pack, will we have time to get invested? Brink definitely offers more complexity then what you find in other FPSes. It's a class based shooter that can become dangerously addictive. Everything you play under your profile will earn your character experience helping you unlock new weapons, weapon attachments, as well as aesthetic modifications for your character.

    The game promises to mix up player objectives by allowing players to decide their own course of action based off of how their team is doing. If their team mates seem as though they are doing just fine leading the offensive you can choose to capture a command post instead. Each map will allow for multiple player objectives.

    The single player appears to be nothing more then an excuse to teach gamers how to play as a team, but maybe with a compelling enough narrative, it'll turn out to be more then that. Brink comes out for PS3, Xbox 360, and the PC on May 10th, less then a week away. Are you interested?

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