Starting on Monday, the 18th, Evil Controllers will be accepting your video submissions for our Youtube Channel. If your video meets our criteria it will be posted alongside our regularly uploaded videos. On August 22nd Evil Controllers will look at the video with the most likes (dislikes wont count against you) and we will award prizes to the videos that get the most likes.

In addition to the awesome prizes, Evil Controllers will select our favorite video of the week and post it every Friday morning to give the Youtube channel a shout out on our facebook and Twitter. This will help get the originators their due. Be sure to subscribe to our channel at​lcontrollers and to vote on the videos you believe are best.

Subscribing to our channel, liking the videos and leaving a comment gives you a chance to win something as well. One randomly selected comment will be chosen from the winning video and the commenter will win their own prize. If that commenter is found having commented more than once on that video they will be ineligible for the prize and another commenter will be randomly selected. If you want to have a conversation on a particular video, simply add the words, Dont count this, so we know that you arent commenting for the contest. Be careful though, because additional comments without, dont count this, will eliminate you from being able to win!

All Participants must be subscribed to our channel to win and will be contacted via Youtube.

1st Place: Calibur11 Bundle with Matching Custom Controller

2nd Place: One Pre-Made Controller from our facebook photo album, Youtube Contest Choice found on our Facebook

3rd Place: $50 Evil Controllers Digital Gift Card

4th & 5th Place: $20 Evil Controllers Digital Gift Card

Prize for leaving a comment:
1st Place: One Pre-Made Controller from our facebook photo album, Youtube Contest Choice found on our Facebook

How do you get your videos to us?

Thats simple, upload your video to your channel and keep the video private. Select the option to privately share the video and type in the Evil Controllers username, EvilControllers. We will review whether or not the video is appropriate for our audience.

It should focus on Evil Controllers related content or great gameplay footage or hilarious videogame commentary. Be creative, but entries with inappropriate language will not be uploaded to our channel.

<<Once youve shared a video with us, that video becomes property of Evil Controllers so be sure to record new footage that isnt on your own channel.>>

Evil Controllers will add our logo upon uploading it to our own channel.
What will get your video disqualified?
-Your Channel or Video has offensive content or language.
-Your video has sexist, racist, or any kind of derogatory comments to any group or individual.
-Your video has no content directly related to Evil Controllers or gaming.
-No Copyrighted Music, use your own music or the music of a friend of yours, some places online have music that belongs to everyone and is copyright free.

Ask people to like or subscribe to our channel to help you solidify the most likes.

Keep in mind, since these videos are for Evil Controllers' official channel, Evil Controllers reserves the right to ignore any submissions for reasons that dont need to be shared with the submitter.

This will be an excellent way for clans and gamers to get their gameplay footage into the eyes of gamers across the world and we hope that everyone will take advantage of this opportunity; participants are allowed to submit up to 3 videos during the duration of the contest.