Many of you have been asking, when will our Evil Imaging be back in stock? Evil Controllers is in the process of offering our fans more options. We're in the process of giving gamers more control and providing more products. You continue to show interest in our Evil Imaging and the waiting lists for our Carbon Fiber and Woodgrain controllers continue to grow, we truly appreciate your patience.

Evil Controllers now offers XCM products and we've reinstated our online forum to give our community a healthy public space in which to discuss gaming news as well as our products. Be sure to stop by and say hi to your fellow gamers.

To those of you that pay close attention to our Twitter and Facebook updates, we know you're just waiting for us to reveal our soft grip design that's still in beta and as soon as that's ready for release we'll be sure to let everyone know. The soft grip Evil Controller feels great, but isn't quite ready for mass production. At Evil Controllers we don't attach our name to anything that isn't of the highest caliber. So as it's said from Blizzard to Activision, it's done when it's done. We're not rushing it's conception because ultimately that leads to a bad product.

If you already have a controller with our Evil Imaging, show it off on our facebook page. Let people know what they're missing! In the meantime, we will work hard and will focus on getting those controllers back in stock.