Modded controllers: PS3 Adjustable Fast Reload

The controller for the serious PS3 gamer out there, this is the Rapid Fire PS3 controller with an adjustable fast reload function. The PS3 Adjustable Fast Reload is the only PS3 modded controller in the world to have a fast reload function that can adjust to about any gun you choose (whether it be an M16, a FAL, or even any of the Covenant's weaponry in Halo). With a faster reloading time, it gives you an advantage over your opposition all thanks to your ability reload faster, saving precious time and life in any game. Once you start experiencing its functions and potential, one can really see its advantages in online competitive modes like team deathmatch or player vs player matches.

Another great feature of this PS3 Adjustable Fast Reload is its Rapid Fire. The feature makes any single shot/semi-auto gun (like the FAL) turn into a full automatic firearm (for example, a semi-automatic FAL can have the ability to repeatily fire like a fully automatic AK-47).

If you wonder if this modded controller is compatible with the hit games of today, it is assured that its up to even recent games like Black Ops or Medal of Honor. This meaning that there are no need for gamers to worry about about setting the controller up, as it is adjustable to any game out there.

So if you're a PS3 gamer and in the market for a modded controller, PS3 Adjustable Fast Reload is what you are looking for to fulfill your modded controllers