Random Thoughts about Avoiding a Dirty, Greasy, and/or Messy Controller.

So on Speak Up article on Kotaku about dirty controllers it came to my attention that over the years of gaming since I was a young kid that I've been always struggling with the problem about messed up and greasy controllers. We, as a gaming society, tend to take our consoles' controllers for granted and do abusive things to them. We get dust on them, weunknowinglycough on them when we had a sick day from work/school, we'd toss them out our window and get them stuck in a tree because someone on Marvel vs Capcom 3 decided to be the cheapest jerk in the world by using Sentinel-Hulk-Magneto fourteen times in a row. In result, they begin to malfunction and we have to buy another controller or send it in for repairs.

So, in a gesture of proper controller care, I decided to share some tips on how to take care of your controller so malfunctioning rarely or never occurs in your gaming life.

1. Use electronic cleaning wipes.
Why? Because it makes sense. By wiping that grease from your lunchs Double-Double Animal Style off your Active Reload, it is less likely your controller is going to slip out of your hands and break on the ground during an intense round in Horde Mode in GOW3.

2. Avoid eating something that leaves dusts while you play with your controller.
Cheetos are a common suspect in this case. Cheeto dust leave behind a greasy film on your controller and the dust can likely get into the hard to clean ridges of your controller and probably inside it as well. If you must eat cheetos while mowing down noobs online, have a pile of wet naps at your side at all times. You'll thank me later.

3. When angry, don't take it out on your controller.
From a personal standpoint, it is best to just not do it. Unless you are like me and want to climb an aging orange tree to fetch your Xbox controller. Your controller didn't do anything wrong, so why damage it?

So those are my tips on taking care of your controller. There are many other tips out there like them, but these are the ones I've come across a lot in my gaming life. And if you play as many games as I do, they are tips to live by.