Comic Con News: Meet the GOW Cosplayer Megan Marie

At San Diego ComicCon and various comic book/video game/anime conventions around North America and the world, you'll see them in the halls, attending panels, and even eating lunch at nearby eateries. You may know one of them, you may be one of them, you are reading an article written by one of them. I'm talking about cosplayers. Cosplay is defined as "costume play" which was coined by the Japanese when dressing up in costumes of their favorite geek culture icons. At this past Comic Con, CNN took the time out to talk with one of best cosplayers out there, Megan Marie.

As you can see from the video, she takes it seriously. As a cosplayer myself, I know what it means. It means dedication because you love a video game or a comic book or an anime a lot. Megan is so dedicated to the Gears of War franchise she made sure of every single detail. And when I mean every single detail I mean from the bandages to the lancer to even the hair style of Anya Stroud. She must have done lots of research via playing the game over and over for hours on end.

Some of those who are reading this article are probably asking "why?" I think Megan described it best:

"When you put on one of these costumes it is literally instantaneously empowering. Its such a high."

Empowering high that you can probably only get from being in cosplay. You aren't you, you're something you wanted to be or partake to be for at least a few hours. So don't think of it as someone dressing up for the sake of dress up, it's more of being dedicated to a franchise. In this case, Gears of War 3.