Dishonored 2 Will Get New Difficulty Modes

A new update is being planned for Dishonored 2 that will add new difficulty modes to the game.

The new update will include a number of other features and will arrive on PS4 and Xbox One on January 23. PC players will be able to download a beta update on Steam on January 18 to test it early.

The level of control a player will have over how difficult Dishonored 2 can be may be the most impressive we've seen in a game so far. Instead of having locked difficult levels, the new update for Dishonored 2 will give players access to 20 different sliders, all of which can be used to adjust the difficulty of different game mechanics.

For example, one slider can change how many enemies are likely to attack you at once, while another can change how quickly it'll take for a sleep dart to take effect. One slider will be named Iron Mode, use this slider and you can turn off manual saving, load functionality and even add permadeath.

Finally, the other major feature of the upcoming Dishonored game update will allow users to select and restart previous missions at their discretion.

The update will include a range of other features and fixes, all of which haven't yet been announced by Bethesda, but are said to be based on player feedback. This upcoming update for Dishonored 2 is the second large free patch for the game since its release date.