New Abilities Halo 4


Halo modding prodigy nowise10 has managed to find some interesting things locked inside the Halo 4 game disc, including two armor abilities that never made it into the full release game.

A video by Halo Council has been put up on Youtube showing the new armor abilities in action. The first ability, teleport, works similarly to thruster pack does currently. However, you can teleport from one position to another without being in danger of getting damaged by other players and the distance seems a lot larger compared to the thruster pack jump distance.

The second armor ability is named hacker and it can in essence stop other players from using their armor abilities. In the video the player demonstrates good use of the hacker ability by stopping a player from using a jet pack while he's in mid-air, as well as disabling most of the other abilities too.

It's unknown why these armor abilities weren't put into the game physically, however the teleport armor ability is still unfinished and at times kills you when using it, and the hacker ability isn't fully polished either. No previous builds or game footage ever hint at these abilities, so either 343 Industries plan on releasing these at a later date, or they were scrapped early on in the dev build and were never planned to be available for use after that point.

The teleporter ability does seem a lot handier than the somewhat useless thruster ability, and I, along with many players would probably like to see it into the game. The hacker armor ability seems a little overpowered, and being able to disable other Spartan's armor abilities may unbalance the game.

What are your opinions on the two newly found armor abilities? Should they be added to the game?

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