Game Reviews - Best/Worst of the Year.

With Black Friday behind us, now it time to focus in on the last month of the year. The same month, many of you Evil fans will be asking Santa for a new Xbox, Kinects, Playstation Move, Black Ops, Killzone, Donkey Kong and much more. December is a great month because it is when I get to add to my video game collection. Before we wrap up the year, lets look back and see what games and accessories came out that made 2010 a great year for the gaming industry.

Everyone was anticipating Halo Reach this year for Xbox 360. Hoping Bungie did not mess up their last installment of the series. Many fans were worried about Trey Arch making Call of Duty, but Black Ops has already sold more copies than Modern Warfare 2. Sports games were pretty good this year as well. NBA 2K11 came out with Michael Jordan and is being reviewed as one of the best basketball/sports games to ever come out. Fall Out New Vegas came out and it has been getting great reviews thus far. Even when good games come out, there are always some games that dont make all the expectations. Medal of Honor came out this year, with Halo Reach and Black Ops, I just didnt feel it could compare to those two. Spiderman Shatter Dimensions wasnt supposed to be a huge gaming release but for Spiderman fans I feel the game was somewhat of a letdown. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 for some reason just couldnt pull in old Sega Genesis gamers.

We cant forget the new accessories. Microsoft finally released the Kinects, which in my opinion is a great piece of art, just needs some fine tuning. Playstation Move will also change how people play video games, taking what Nintendo did with the Wii and making it better (at least that what Sony thinks they are doing). So far the Move has not been selling as well as they expected, but that could change over time.

For those of you who did not know, the Video Games Awards are coming on December 11th on Spike. I was thinking, which game is going to win Game of the Year, Studio of the Year, Best PS3, XBOX 360, Wii game and much more. I was thinking about all the games I had the chance to play this year. Out of all of the games that came out this year, I was really impressed with Assassins Creed Brotherhood and I think that could win game of the year. For the third installment, I didnt think Ubisoft would expand much from Assassins Creed II, but I was wrong. I also think Fall Out New Vegas is going to win some awards, maybe most addictive. For all those Evil Fans make sure to check out the VGAs because it always seems there are games that came out that didnt get a lot of recognition, like Vanquish and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World that are great games to play.