New Halo 343

Halo 5 is-a-coming, but new information suggests that it may not be the only game 343 Industries and Microsoft Studios are working on right now. It's more than likely that early development processes for Halo 6 is already under way, but I'm talking about something entirely different, and it might not even be a cheap mobile game.

This information comes from 343 Industries very own website, where they have a new job listing that has some rather suspect details in. Here is a little cut out from the job listing.

"343 Industries is searching for a rock star engineer to join the team developing a new experience in the Halo universe. Work on one of the most exciting and creative intellectual properties in the industry; we are gathering an incredible team to help drive the future of Halo."

A new experience in the Halo universe suggests that this could be a completely brand new game - it's unlikely it's referring to Halo 5, because development for this game has been going on for a while now. It could possibly be referring to Halo 6, but once again, it wouldn't make sense for the current engineers to quit their job and force 343 Industries to hire a new set for a game in the same trilogy.

I have a feeling this will in fact be a new Halo game, but so far have no clue what it could be. Another paragraph in the job listing does however suggest that the game will be a triple A title.