If you're enjoying the criminal life in Payday 2, you'll be glad to know that you'll be able to enjoy it even more as the developers of Payday 2, Overkill Software, plan to release a total of 5 different DLC packs in the future. David Goldfarb, the game's director, has said that Payday 2 is "just like it's predecessor, Payday: The Heist' and that it's 'a living thing."

All of the 5 DLC packs are planned for release over the next year, however details on what these DLC packs will include has been kept behind bars for now.

If you're not up for spending on new DLC packs, Payday 2 has also been planned to have free content updates according to David Goldfarb, meaning you'll be able to enjoy some new content for the game in the future without having to pay. Once again, no details have been given on what exactly this new content will include.

Will you be buying the DLC packs for Payday 2? Many have been playing this game recently and despite it being an underdog in a time very close to GTA V's launch, it has proven to be very popular and many gamers are now enjoying the game.