It was previously announced by EA that access to the Battlefield 4 beta was available to anybody with a Battlefield 3 premium subscription. However, a few details on the Beta, and particularly how to access it, weren't specified. So EA has now given a few more details to clarify how the system works.

The Battlefield official Twitter account has given a reply to a question asked by a fan, who was worried that he did not have a key for the Battlefield 4 Beta and wouldn't be able to gain access.

The reply from Battlefield says that "You won't be receiving a code or beta access until the beta has been released! Don't worry,"

If you are a Battlefield 3 premium subscriber then you'll probably receive an email from DICE or EA closer to the Beta with more information on how to get access.

Battlefield 4 is set for release later in 2013 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Are you excited for the new Battlefield?