Games - A Game made with Real Creatures

Usually you type in lines and lines of code in order to program a video game. Heck, I remember back in college I spent around three weeks worth of hours trying to program something like ZORK for my COBOL II class. But Stanford physicist Ingmar Riedel-Kruse found an easier way but incorporating single cell organisms into a game.

The single cell organisms named paramecium, are placed inside a fluid chamber where a camera shows their functions through a computer screen. They are then controlled by an electrical current or a chemical scent injected into the chamber. You can see some video of it here.

So far the Standardphysicist has created eight different games with his creation like PONG and pinball. To read more about this amazing discovery with combination of video games and single cell organisms you can read more about it on the Stanford University News or on this Kotaku article.