Bloggers' Game Reviews - Plants vs Zombies

After bugging the entirety of the Evil staff to download the game for Xbox and play, I thought it would be only fitting to blog about my current addiction, Plants vs. Zombies. Developed by PopCap Games and available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Xbox 360, and as of recently the Nintendo DS, Plants vs. Zombies is sweeping the nation (and world) by getting players addicted to the highly rewarding strategy game.

For those of you who havent played, the game involves the player setting up an arsenal of offensive and defensive plants to protect from zombies crossing either the front yard, back yard, or roof and entering the players house to eat their brains. Using Sunflowers to generate sun currency to buy new plants for the set up, the player must strategize how best to cope with huge waves of attackers. With shooter plants like the Peashooter and Melonpult, explosives like the Cherrybombs and Jalapeños, and one hit kill weapons like Squash and Tangle Kelp, the player should be more than set to destroy all incoming zombies. Tools like the Pumpkin, Wall-nut (and Tall-nut), and Umbrella Leaf help defend, and add-ons like the Torchwood and Spikerock help maximize damage as the zombies near your fighters.

The game launches a variety of different zombie fighters against your botanical militia, such as Bungee Zombies, Football Player Zombies, Zombonis, and a multitude of other zombie breeds. Each level rewards the player with either a new plant or one of various game memorabilia items. All in all, the strategy, timing, and high and frequent reward content helps in making Plants vs. Zombies a fun and addicting game that, best of all, can really cater to anyone. Whats great about the game is you dont have to be an expert gamer to be good at it, you just need a little practice and a little bit of thinking to eventually master it.

The game also has great mini games and puzzles, which you gain access to as you progress through adventure mode. Eventually you can buy new plants and other fun items from the games mentor, Craaaaaaazy Dave (why is he crazy? Well, because he says he is.), for regular gameplay, survival mode, and your very own Zen Garden to grow your own plants.

Ive found that you can only understand just how fun the game is when you try itno amount of explaining can do it justice. And, seeing as it is available on just about every platform out there (except Playstation….maybe soon?), it shouldnt be too hard to just give it a try. Free trial on Xbox live!

P.S. Is it just me, or is the music insanely catchy too?