No Destiny Game for 2013

During Activision's annual money meet last week, key members of the company doubted Destiny would see the daylight this year, despite Bungie's great effort on the game.

Activision's chief financial officer Dennis Durkin has said "It will also be a year of significant continued investment in several new properties with long-term potential that are not factored into our 2013 financial outlook, including Activision Publishing's new Bungie universe, Call of Duty Online for China and the new Blizzard MMO."

Destiny definitely would bring in a lot of earnings this year for Activision if it were to be released, but it seems the publisher is hoping to get it released in a year along with other MMO titles.

Activision Publishing Boss, Eric Hirshberg, has given a direct announcement on the Destiny project: "Development also continues on our new ground-breaking project with Bungie. Bungie defined the action-shooter category with Halo, and we feel this project will once again deliver genre-defining innovation."

"While we don't have a launch date to announce today, we expect to deliver incredible games with unprecedented marketing support for new IP. We look forward to sharing more information on this title in the near future."

This may be lacking enough detail to give Bungie fans any hope, and although Bungie originally planned for the game to be released quarter 4 2013 some time ago, Activision have no plans to release it by that time.

It may be possible that the publisher just doesn't know when the game will completed, but let's hope that it won't be all that far away.