The Adroit SwitchBlade is now available for purchase at Evil Controllers dot com

Tempe, AZ. (September 2011) - Evil Controllers and the AbleGamers Foundation have collaborated to create the Adroit Switchblade. The Adroit was revealed at PAX Prime during the PAX panel Gamers Doing Good. The Adroit Controller is a gaming controller to help alleviate the difficulties that gamers with limited mobility may encounter when playing their favorite video games.

Evil Controllers has always focused on helping gamers play games in their favorite way, whether it be gameplay mods like rapid fire or with cosmetic mods such as colored thumbsticks, bumpers, triggers or Evils professional line of Evil Sticks. Evil Controllers and the AbleGamers Foundation have been developing controllers for accessible gaming for over 2 years and they have one objective in mind: bringing a comfortable gaming experience to gamers that may otherwise be unable to play.

The Adroit Switchblade is Evil Controllers newest creation. The Adroit SwitchBlade allows gamers to remap any button, triggers, and thumb sticks from the Xbox 360 controller to a 3.5 mm switch of their choice, in doing so gamers can place functions from their controller to a switch thats easier for them to use. The switches used on the Adroit Switchblade can be buttons that are more suited for a specific gamers range of motion. For example the switches may be connected to buttons that are more sensitive to touch or replaced with switches that are instead activated by a players breath rather than physical touch.

The Adroit SwitchBlade includes the option to create up to 3 custom profiles that can be saved, switched, and perfected for varying games and genres. In addition, gamers can program multiple button presses on to a single switch, use a switch to toggle functions on/off (sticky), remap controller buttons to perform multiple in game functions, and program switches for turbo button presses

What makes this controller so revolutionary is that we havent ignored any aspect of the experience. Adam Coe, President and founder of Evil Controllers. On a regular basis custom controllers lose features that are found on ordinary controllers as a result of cutting costs or to simplify the controllers design. With the Adroit SwitchBlade, every facet of the controller can be used depending on the users personal preference and mobility. This includes the rumble motors found on Xbox 360 controllers that can be attached or detached depending on how visceral the gamer may want their experience.

The Adroit SwitchBlade Controller puts options back into the hands of millions of gamers or would be gamers and provides them the option to play video games once more. The SwitchBlade can be found at wp.evilcontrollers.com for $399.99. "The SwitchBlade is the cutting edge of accessible gaming, the folks at Evil Controllers did a superior job at understanding the needs of our community." said Mark Barlet, President of the AbleGamers Foundation, "With the bar set so high, I can't wait to see what we come up with next."


About Evil Controllers:

Evil Controllers is a controller modification company based out of Tempe, Arizona. Evil Controllers is one of the first companies to offer professional Rapid Fire and Fast Reload controller mods. Our controller mods are created to support the most popular franchises in the industry, covering a variety of genres. Evil Controllers is also popular for their cooperation with The AbleGamers Foundation. We create custom controllers for disabled gamers with button modification and relocation customization. Evil Controllers works hard to ensure that every gamer can have fun doing what they love, playing games.


About The AbleGamers Foundation

The AbleGamers Foundation is a 501(c) (3) public charity that runs AbleGamers.com, which provides news and reviews on the accessibility of mainstream video game titles, as well as consultation on assistive technology. As an alternative to Serious Gaming, mainstream video games supply many disabled individuals and veterans with rehabilitation as well as social stimulation in situations where they may be otherwise shut out of society's idea of normal everyday life.

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