All You Need to Know about Steam’s Lunar New Year Sale

The year 2022 started with a huge Lunar New Year’s sale and there was a massive fuss about this sale. The sale started on 28th January, where players can enjoy huge discounts on their favorite games. It wasn’t a surprise that a tremendous amount of people benefited from this sale. If you are a game lunatic, you wouldn’t have missed the Steam sale date. But, if you missed it and want to know what this sale was about, here is what you should know.

The first Steam’s Lunar New Year sale had discounts on a plethora of games. Players were able to download their favorite Steam games for less than half the amount. Furthermore, Steam users can download free stickers for their Steam profile during the sale.

What Was Steam’s Lunar New Year Sale?

The discount wasn’t available on the AAA action blockbuster games, but you had a chance to enjoy the sale on the party and indie games as well. All the discounted games were divided into different categories according to mood, theme, genre, and feature. That way, players can browse through their favorite category and buy games at discounted rates.

This Steam’s Lunar New Year sale was a surprise for Steam users to make them feel better amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Only a few players knew about the sale. So, if you missed it, you don’t have to be sad about it. Also, Steam offers summer and winter sales for its users. So, if you didn’t get a chance to buy your favorite games at discounted rates, you can wait for upcoming sales.

What Did it Include?

The sale went live on January 27 and ended on February 3. During this time, many players filled their Steam library with hundreds of discounted games to enjoy throughout the year. Games from a wide range of genres were available for players.

Unfortunately, they didn’t offer any trading card set for the Lunar New Year sale. They reserved the cards for summer and winter sales. Players who loved collectibles can only claim a new free sticker every day. This made many players a little disheartened, especially those who knew about the sale and were passionately waiting to buy collectibles at discounted rates.

Another thing that many players found saddening was the unavailability of newly released games. Yes, Steam’s Lunar New Year sale didn’t include new releases. The popular deals for the season were:

  • DOOM Eternal for $19.79 (67% off)
  • Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous for $39.99 (20% off)
  • Disco Elysium: The Final Cut for $15.99 (60% off)
  • Days Gone for $29.99 (40% off)

What’s more, stream users received a recommendation on the Steam homepage according to the game they already played. Steam used interactive specific filters, so their users can find the games they would love to play.


Although newly released games were not available on the sale, there were numerous new deals for players. If you want to avail such deals, you should follow Steam on social media, where they announce their discounts and sales.