All You Need To Know About the Xbox Game Pass

If you are an Xbox user or are looking to switch to it from your PlayStation, PC, or any other gaming device, then you should know that it has an altogether different experience from other consoles. Plus, things get even better when you have access to the Xbox Game Pass, which is specially provided by Microsoft for players who like to explore a wide range of new and exciting games every now and then.

This article covers everything you need to know about the Xbox Game Pass, as well as what it has to offer.

What is Xbox Game Pass?

The Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service for Xbox users, and it provides them with a wide range of games that they can download and play however long they want to. It is a paid service that is quite similar to the PlayStation Plus and EA Play services. When you fire up your Xbox console or log in to the Xbox store on your PC, you will find a special section for the Game Pass, where you can explore the free games it has to offer, as well as membership plans.

How Much Does Xbox Game Pass Cost?

The Xbox Game Pass is available to Xbox users for a small fee of $9.99 per month, which gives them access to more than 100 high-quality game titles and several exciting features. Apart from this, you can also avail the much better Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $14.99 per month.

This upgraded plan offers you all of the excellent feature of the Xbox Game Pass, but it also allows you to play games from the cloud, and also access Xbox Game Studio titles the same day they are released. Plus, Xbox Game Pass members also get lots of free perks, in-game content, partner offers, and access to Xbox Live Gold and EA Play.

Are Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Codes Valid with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

When you sign up for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can still continue your Gold subscription, as well as the Game Passcodes. If you upgrade from Game Pass to its Ultimate version, your Game Pass codes will still be valid for a certain period of time, which you can check out on the Xbox Game Pass website.

How to Sign Up for the Xbox Game Pass?

You can sign up for the Xbox Game Pass or Game Pass Ultimate through the Xbox Store on your console, and you can even do so on the Microsoft website. You can explore the various membership plans, and when you select one and move forward, you just have to add the payment method and complete the subscription. You can also renew and manage your Game Pass subscription through the platform or website when needed.

The Xbox Game Pass is an exciting feature for passionate and casual gamers, and it is also available on the Xbox Game Pass app on Android smartphones. With the various features and functionality that this subscription brings, Microsoft is taking gaming to a next level. If you haven’t signed up already, now is a perfect time.