Armada Wins UGC Smash Melee

UGC Smash Open has now ended and after an unsurprising win from ZeRo in the Smash 4 camp, Armada has now taken another victory in Smash Melee.

The event took place during the start of the month and while there were a few exciting matchups in the tournament, nobody was surprised to see Armada take the win.

However, something that was surprising was the incredible performance by Mew2King which saw him hastily make his way to the grand finals only after losing a single match earlier against n0ne. After his first defeat, Mew2king ripped through Duck, Ice, SFAT, Leffen and even favorites to place in the grand finals; Mang0 and Hungrybox.

In the grand finals, Mew2King even managed to defeat Armada with an impressive 3-1 scoreline. However, because Mew2King dropped to the loser's bracket, he still had another 3 wins needed to take the grand final. This then saw Armada turn the tables completely and beat Mew2King in true comeback fashion with a 3-1 score for himself.

For taking the tournament, Armada will be walking home with roughly $7,000 in prize winnings. We have to give credit to Mew2King's amazing performance so far. We can't wait to see what Mew2King may have up his sleeves next year. He's certainly been a top performer this year and with a bit of extra dedication he has the potential to take a top spot in some of next year's events. Bring on 2017!