ZeRo Takes UGC Smash Open Win

ZeRo has been at the top of his game for far too long, and his top form has given him another win at the Smash 4 event at UGC Open.

Whilst ZeRo took the win, he didn't get away with the prize as easily as he had done earlier in the year. This is the fifth win ZeRo has had in a row now, but the close 3-2 victory at UGC almost threw ZeRo's chances of beating his 52 win streak down the drain.

If you've been following the Smash Open scene for a while now, 2016 has perhaps been the best chance competitors have had at beating ZeRo. This is especially true in Abadango's case, who fought against ZeRo in the UGC Open Smash 4 grand final.

Earlier in the tournament, ZeRo took a clean 3-0 win against Abadango, which pushed him straight into the loser's bracket. Abadango managed to closely fight his way back into the grand finals though, and the 3-2 defeat was the closest any player had come to taking a game win from ZeRo at the UGC Open.

Previously ZeRo managed to beat Mr. E, Mr. R and Pink Fresh, only losing 4 rounds between these three matches. The UGC win helped ZeRo to bag a grand total of $6,808 in cash.

With 2016 nearing an end, has the window of opportunity to beat ZeRo to the ground been diminished? Will ZeRo top his old 52 win streak in 2017 or will we see more chances for other players to fight to the top?