EA'S FPS Sold Over 5 Million Copies Within it's First Week. Success was Given to Listening And Addressing Gamers' Concerns.

Within one week of its release,Battlefield 3 has quickly become the fastest-selling game in the history of Electronic Arts. The FPS title sold 5 million copies in its first week, according to content reported here on USA Today. That's nearly half of the units it has shipped globally.

Patrick Soderlund, executive vice president of the EA Games, stated the following:

"The quality is actually trending up. We've seen an uplift in Metacritic on the console 87 on PS3 and 85 on 360. We are holding at 90 on the PC. So we are more pleased with the quality of the product and the perception of it. I think the word of mouth from gamers is really strong. People are saying, 'You have to go in and play this multiplayer. It is like an addiction'."

However, he said, that there are some issues that are having an effect on the game's online systems. He stated that the cause of all the problems is due to so many players playing their game, which produces a large load of work on their servers and other back-end equipment. Thankfully over the weekend, BF3 servers were stabilized and people are having a better time playing the game with only a few hiccups here and there. Those other hiccups are being to be resolved as soon as possible to get the game to perform at a rate of 99.9% or better.

After addressing the game's current concerns, Soderlund discussed more about the success of the game, he would not show the actual record-setting figure for simultaneous players nor would he give out the information about the 5 million units sold on a platform by platform basis. He simply stated that BF3 is doing well on all platforms.

When asked about the beta being used to avoid certain issues on its release date, Soderlund said that without the beta, the game could have been a disaster and the game would be plagued with a world of problems. Which, in this Ambassador's opinion is a sign of customer relationship and feedback. If Battlefield 3 was released into the gaming public without any open beta and early feedback, EA would be panicking left and right fixing every problem, thus leaving the game nearly unplayable and becoming unsuccessful.

"We didn't maybe expect this kind of volume, to be honest. We expected large numbers, but this is maybe a little more than we anticipated."

If your game's problems are due to how many people are playing it, then obviously your game is a success. EA really earned their 5 million copies sold this time.