Roxio Makes an Official Store in China to Stop Bootlegging

Angry Birds is popular. When I mean popular, I mean it probably toppled over Tetris when it came to casual gaming that everyone can enjoy. You know you are popular when bootlegged merchandise of your game is availableall across the world by the way of China. Of course, bootlegging can get out of hand and most companies can't do much to stop it. However, Roxio, creator of Angry Birds, thinks differently.

Roxio decided that in order to stop the vast amounts of bootleg Angry Birds merchandise and stores in parts of China, they have to hit them where it hurts, their wallets. So, the company decided to put up an official store dedicated to the game that stole more hours of our lives than a Tony Danza marathon.According to a report on BetaBeat, the store will combat the bootleg market by undercutting the bootleggers by offering official merchandise at a lower price. So why pay 150 yuan for a crudily made green pig plush toy, when you can get an official, better-made green pig plush toy for 100 yuan?

I do wonder if there's more to it than just combating bootlegging. From a business standpoint, China could be a guinea pig for beta-testing a line of Angry Birds stores that could soon be appearing soon in your local mall. Imagine that, an Angry Birds store sandwiched between a Wienerschnitzel and a Baby Gap.


How long do you think it'll be before such a store opens in the U.S.?