Battlefield 4 is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated next gen FPS games so far. And from all the trailers, gameplay reveals, and multiplayer gameplay videos we've watched, we can tell you that it's looking incredible.

The only problem is, and as unfortunate as this sounds, there is a point in time where the good graphics, awesome weapon customization, great destructible environment and every other cool aspect of Battlefield 4 gets boring, and to make the game life last longer, DICE are going to have to make sure there is more to do on multiplayer.

To accomplish this goal, DICE have made a bunch of new game modes for the BF4 multiplayer, and they have revealed them all this week. In total there are seven different game modes.


Conquest best explains what Battlefield is best known for- awesome ground, air and sea combat, fused in with on-foot battles for total conquest.


Domination is a fast paced game type for those that don't have the time to invest in a lengthy game of Conquest. All vehicles are removed, and instead it's all down to on-foot infantry combat. Maps are considerably smaller, and things usually get down a whole lot faster.


In Obliteration, each team must rush to the randomly placed bomb on the map and use it to detonate a certain area on the map. The bomb area is always going to be a hotspot for combat, and both bomb plant points will need to be watched carefully to stop any bomb carriers achieving their goal.


If you've ever played Search & Destroy on Call of Duty, you'll recognize this game type. Players are given only one life per round, and one team must attempt to plant a bomb, whilst the other team must defuse it. If all players of one team are eliminated, the other team wins.

Team Deathmatch

The classic. Instant team vs. team action.


In Rush, one team must destroy two points, whilst the defending team must protect it. Each team has a limited amount of respawns, so teams will have to be careful with the way they use their lives.

Squad Deathmatch

If you prefer to work in a smaller tight-knit group, Squad Deathmatch is the game for you. In Squad Deathmatch, 4 teams of 5 fight it off in a simple deathmatch game type.