battlefield 4 nfs adEA has done another move to make sure that players of their published games will never respect them by placing advertisements within Battlefield 4.

Despite the title being $60, and premium and DLC content reaching upwards of $110, EA still feels like they can squeeze more money out of the title. From now on, when players start playing Battlefield 4, they will be greeted with an advertisement for the premiere of the Need for Speed movie.

These advertisements can also be seen on the loading screen, and whilst they aren't particularly in the way of any actual game content, it has frustrated a lot of players, and I think they have good reason to be frustrated.

For starters, Battlefield 4 has been struck with countless bugs, glitches exploits, and most annoyingly, server issues, some of which have still not been resolved today. Despite this EA keep pushing DICE to put out more DLC content instead of working on the major issues, and now these new advertisements really make it clear that EA will do anything they can to get every last penny out of their titles, even if it paints an even worse name on themselves.

This isn't the first EA title to receive in-game advertisements, but it's certainly going to cause the most controversy. After the problems BF4 has had since launch, it really isn't a surprise.

Let's hope that EA doesn't do anything else to ruin the games it publishes, including it's whole sports franchise range, to the brand new Titanfall.