After a successful launch on PC and current gen consoles worldwide, DICE has announced four new maps that will be available in their first upcoming Battlefield 4 DLC pack, which has been named Second Assault.

All four of the maps available in the BF4 Second Assault DLC will be redesigned versions of Battlefield 3 player favorites, with changes to graphics and appearance, thanks to the new Frostbite 3 engine.

The four maps have been confirmed to be Operation Firestorm, Operation Metro, Caspian Border and Gulf of Oman.

We'd already heard rumors of such a DLC pack being made available shortly after the launch of Battlefield 4, but it has now been confirmed by both DICE and Microsoft in an official streamed Xbox Live event.

As well as the graphical enhancements made to the four Second Assault maps, DICE has revealed that the maps will be "enhanced to include new multiplayer features from Battlefield 4."

The new features will most likely be some kind of Levolution integration that will add more destructible environments and a more dynamic environment that changes as the game progresses.

The Second Assault DLC pack will be the first of five planned DLC packs for Battlefield 4 and will be available on the Xbox One, along with the game launch on November 22nd, as part of a timed exclusivity deal.

The Second Assault DLC pack will then be made available to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4 a few months after the Xbox One debut.