battlefield hardlineThe second Battlefield Hardline beta is set for release this week, and a lot of players are getting ready to jump in to the game. The beta will be running from the third of February to the eighth of February, and it will include a previously unplayed game mode called Hotwire.

Hotwire is perhaps the best game mode to capture what Battlefield Hardline is all about. Both the cops and the criminals will need to take control of marked cars, and each team will need to take down the other team's car. I'm expecting to see a lot of high speed chases through cities and other environments.

On top of Hotwire, players will also be able to play Heist mode in the new Battlefield Hardline beta, and that will be on the Bank Job map. In Heist mode, criminals will need to break into an area and collect a certain number of packages, then take them to drop off points in various locations on the map.

As you can imagine, the cops job is to stop the criminals from stealing the valuables. Unlike previous betas, every weapon and gadget will be made available in Battlefield Hardline this week, and full level progression will be open to players.

If you feel like a Battlefield gaming marathon, you may just be able to get through the leveling system and try out all of the new items in Hardline before the game is even released.