Best Comfort Games to Play in 2022

There are many ways to calm your nerves after a tiring day - yoga, meditation, reading a book, or playing a comfort game can help big time. Even gaming freaks sometimes need to break from that loud music and action-packed games. Comfort games are the best way to kick back and relax. With that in mind, let's look at some of the best comfort games you can play to unwind and chill.

1.      Tetris

The most basic yet the most soothing game of all times is and will always be Tetris. We love the simple graphic but complex levels. Tetris somehow reminds people of life. Life continuously throws surprise bricks, and you have to find a way to put those bricks into the existing world. Whenever anyone wants to relax and chill, they play Tetris in most families. The game debuted in 1984 but will always remain new for everyone.

2.      Wordle

Twitter users have recently discovered this 'Wordle' game, which has become a sensation. Each day, people share their attempts to guess the hidden word, and some even give spoilers to annoy others. Wordle is truly one of the best comfort games to play in 2022. Sometimes, it will be rewarding, while others can be quite frustrating. But it would help if you gave it a try at least once a day. It will wake up your brain if played in the morning and would be hugely satisfying if played at night.

3.      Abzu

If you are bored of those same underwater strict sequences with a timer running after your life, and you genuinely love underwater games - try out Abzu. The name doesn't do justice to the game, but it is worth trying. You can explore underwater, swim freely, and learn more about the ocean in this game. The mesmerizing underwater beauty will surely calm your nerves when nothing can. You can climb on the fish's back and get a tour of the ocean.

4.      House Flipper

Did someone say clean your house? While cleaning and redesigning your place could be emotionally and financially difficult; you can do it without spending any penny - in a game. House Flipper is more of a simulation game, but it is surely one of the best games to play at night. The therapeutic quality of cleaning your house can deceive your brain and release some good and satisfying hormones. Or, you can smash the wall and take all your anger out in one go - without damaging your walls.

5.      Heyday

The city life is fast and modern. We hardly get time to rest our backs. But did you know you can enjoy a cool country life through this game? Heyday is a game where you own a farm, hens, cows, fields, and whatnot. You can plant and harvest food, feed your pet animals and cattle, own a bakery, design a sweater, and sell stuff to earn money. This game is surely therapeutic, calming, and interesting.


People have become more sensitive following the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, and entertainment and games are a great way to stay sane and keep functioning. By knowing about these games, you will de-stress and blow off some steam.