Best Old Games to Play in 2022

Despite the fresh game releases every year, new games would never fill the void of new games. Just the way we keep tuning to old cartoons, movies, and songs, playing old games revives fond memories too. Although older games didn't have the stellar graphics and gameplay that today's games have, they are still valuable.

There were many games that you must have played while growing up. So, if you want to pass the legacy to your children or nephews, here is a list of the best old games to play in 2022.

Grand Theft Auto

Do you know any single gamer who hasn’t ever played GTA? Almost everyone played this game. The graphics, music, and tasks were too good to be ignored. We all loved to roam around in different cities regardless of the assigned task and also loved using those cheat codes. So, if you want to revive your childhood memories, GTA games are some of the best old games to play in 2022.

Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Elder Scrolls III is a game no one can say no to. It was probably the most celebrated game of the 2000s. You can play it on your PC with some modifications. What I loved the most about this game was freedom. I love that I could explore different classes and seek my destiny without any delays. This game is surely a must-play game if you look for genuinely good old games.

Theme Hospital

Theme Hospital is an old classic game from the 90s, which means that your elder siblings and parents might have played it. It is surprising to see games from the 90s that are still playable and relevant even in 2022. The game is simple! You get to solve problems at the hospital. The graphics might not be very appealing, but you have full control over the hospital. This game might look ridiculous, but it is a great way to build problem-solving skills.

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros is the best old game of all time! Everyone loves it, including kids, adults, elders, and even your grandparents. The game has some of the coolest graphics, and the music is also top-notch. The levels are also very challenging. It is a full package, and if you haven't played Super Mario Bros ever, 2022 is the best time to do it.

Fallout 2

Fallout 2 is a serious game. A single bad decision can ruin your game and even your experience. The characters are very strong, the range of the faction is impressive, the quests are very challenging. It is an inevitable game. Anyone who has played Fallout 2 would agree that it isn’t "forgiving." If you are looking for something challenging, play this game.

Some games are just timeless. They remain fresh even with their less appealing graphics and old-timey aesthetics. Yet, they have strong characters, impressive gameplay, and great RPGs. These are some of the best old games you can still play in 2022 on your PC.