bioshock collection

You can't always trust retailer listings but it's very true that retailers are often one of the first organizations to hear about upcoming releases. One retailer in South Africa, named Raru, has recently listed a new game named The BioShock Collection and it has been described as a collection of BioShock titles for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Seeing game collections for the latest generation of consoles has become a common occurrence, but it's a little harder to believe the latest collection rumor because the developer behind the BioShock series has been effectively shut down.

This would mean that if Take Two Games wanted to release a collection for BioShock they would have to pull together the old development team or hire a completely new one that will be familiar with the BioShock series. If we can look past the disbanding of the BioShock dev team, having a BioShock collection for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 would be quite amazing.

In the past, Raru have listed up game content before game publishers have announced the content. One time Raru listed a selection of different Amiibos before anybody else and eventually these Amiibos were released.

Let's hope the same happens with the BioShock collection. All three BioShock games are absolute classics and being able to play them on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 would be great, especially if the games received a graphical remaster. We'll have to keep our fingers crossed.