Usually a game of the year edition ends up being something special for those players who've decided to wait a while to get their hands on a game. Take the Oblivion game-of-the-year for example; after releasing the game and bringing out a huge amount of DLC for the title, bundling it up into one easily playable package that was somewhat cheaper than buying it all separately was a great idea both for Bethesda and the players.

However, in the case of Black Ops 2, it'd take a bit more than just DLC to make it special seeing as the only DLC at the moment is Revolution. But, as it turns out, all that is actually coming in the GOTY edition of Black Ops 2 is the game and the one DLC. What's more is the price is at $60. This seems a little odd when you can get your hand on the game for around $40, and then buy the $15 DLC pack separately, saving yourself a much needed 5 dollars.

To make it more enticing, Activision could have added the season pass to the bundle, but without it, it seems like you might be better off doing a bargain hunt.

The package is coming May 29th.