Black Ops DLC


If you've made your way to GameStop this month, you may have noticed a poster advertisement for the first DLC pack for Black Ops 2. Although there has been no official announcement from the developers of the game, it's clear that new DLC is coming this month.

It's a little strange that GameStop have been able to advertise this information before an official announcement, but it's likely that they have partnered with Treyarch to allow themselves the honor of showcasing the games content before anyone else.

The new downloadable content title is named Revolution, and if the information on the poster is true, it will be released on January the 29th.

According to the poster, the new DLC pack will include four brand new multiplayer maps, and a new Zombies map. On the poster, the four multiplayer maps have been named Hydro, Downhill, Grind and Mirage, whilst the Zombie map has been named Die Riese. Currently there is no certainty as to whether these names will be kept upon release.

The promotional poster also shows that the new DLC will include an additional SMG weapon named the peacekeeper.

If the SMG is offered in the DLC pack, this will be the first time any Call of Duty game has had extra DLC content which adds new weaponry to the game. A lot of controversy has been baked up because of the added weapon, and some players feel it'll be an unfair advantage if the weapon is too overpowered compared to the initial SMG weapons.

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