Second-hand Games


With the current generation, second hand gaming is a whole market of its own, and being able to play and trade in multiple copies of the game keeps customers happy, and games retailers filled with stock. However, Sony and Microsoft don't seem to agree with this current method.

An understandable reason for this is that with second hand copies available in such abundance, players have become more inclined to pass around copies of games, or buy second hand from a retailer to save costs, in turn generating less profit for the developers. However, being able to trade-in games and use pre-owned material is a commodity that gamers have become all too used to.

SCEJ, (Sony's division located in Japan) recently patented a system that stops games from being able to run on any system other than the first machine or account it was used on. The patented technology will use a special and unique ID tag with each copy of a game. Once played on a machine with the same technology, the ID will be linked to the console ID, rendering that copy of the game useless on any other account other than the first account or console used with the game.

If Sony implements this into their next generation line of consoles, it's more than likely that Microsoft will have something similar, and there has already been talk of Microsoft using such a technology in the new Xbox.

Do you think this is a smart move by Sony? This idea will help game developers earn more income, and keep the PlayStation revenue higher, however it will affect the current game retail market, and may upset a lot of potential buyers and previous fans.