It's easy to see the similarities between Destiny and Borderlands, and in fact, because of the drop-in and drop-out co-op play, randomized and meaningful weapons, these are the two games that are similar enough to make the best comparison against. For this reason, there's going to be a lot of talk about what each game does better, and even Bungie has jumped in on the discussion.

Joe Staten, creative lead for Bungies' new game, Destiny, has taken the time to speak with EDGE about the game, stating a few things about why Destiny is still a worthwhile play after playing Borderlands and what makes it stand out.

The first big thing that Joe Staten talks about is of course the huge online multiplayer that takes place. For example, whilst you're busy with your friends cleaning out an area of the immersive world, there could be another squad tackling a different objective, and you'll often see and come across other squads in this manner.

"When we look at a game like that, we look at the things they're doing well and also at opportunities they might have missed that we can capitalize on. You can party up with a group of people and then go around with that group, but never in Borderlands are you going to collide with a group of other people doing it too. We don't do that just once or twice in the game, we do that all the time, everywhere."

Bungie hasn't discussed whether Destiny will have the same level of interaction between players as a traditional MMO, or whether the game will be heavily instanced, but it's certainly nice to be able to play a game and be immersed whilst other players are doing the same.

This game will be available for the PS4 and the Xbox 1. Which console are you likely to play Destiny on?