burnout revenge xbox one

The backwards compatibility feature for the Xbox One has brought a lot of joy to many gamers around the world. A huge library of Xbox 360 games are already compatible with the new feature and more games are constantly being added to the compatibility list.

Some games unfortunately cannot be backwards compatible and in most cases this usually comes down to a developer's decision instead of a choice made by Microsoft.

Take Criterion's Burnout Revenge for example - This title was firstly released as an Xbox original game but it also received a release on the Xbox 360. Despite it being available on the 360, Criterion has spoken out stating that backwards compatibility support for this title was very unlikely.

When asked on Twitter about the possibility of Burnout Revenge's backwards compatibility support, Criterion Games simply stated that there were 'No plans for that right now.'

Whilst Burnout Revenge is being adapted for the Xbox One, Criterion has already confirmed in the past that Burnout Paradise should eventually be made compatible for Microsoft's latest console.

Burnout was one of the best racing titles for the original Xbox and a few of the releases made their way onto the Xbox 360 as well. It's a shame that Criterion did not have any plans for bringing some of the classic Burnout games to the Xbox One instead of the open world Burnout Paradise, which received mixed reviews.

Since Burnout Paradise, Criterion has worked on other games, including a Need for Speed title.