Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

A brand new patch for Black Ops 3 has been released and it fixes a number of bugs. Some of the fixes also address some exploits that players have been abusing on various multiplayer maps.

The new patch also adds lobby leaderboards and makes some balancing changes to different weapons and specialists. Below the highlights of the patch notes have been listed.


Leaderboards enabled in the Barracks.

Players are now awarded Cryptokeys in Arena and Public matches, after playing consecutive matches in the same playlist.

Team balancing in Arena and Public Matches has been improved to more consistently maintain even teams.

Fixed a UI error when entering Prestige in the Multiplayer Frontend menus.

Addressed a UI error in Fileshare when selecting an empty tab.

Addressed an issue where hosts were able to leave as soon as the game began.

Fixed an issue where white boxes were appearing for Custom Classes in Create-A-Class.


General Gameplay

Addressed a case where Scorestreak kills were counting toward Specialist kills for Challenge completion.

Fixed an issue where Players could have attachments which should be locked after prestiging weapons.

Players are now prevented from spawning at the same spawn point when there are high Player counts in Free-For-All and Gun Game.

Addressed a case where Players were able to spawn in after the match time expired.

Search & Destroy kill elimination has been changed from 250 XP to 500 XP.

The Cerebus Scorestreak can no longer be destroyed by a friendly teammate's Power Core Scorestreak.

The Mothership Scorestreak will no longer count toward the "Hard Counter" challenge.

Fixed an issue where Players were randomly receiving online error messages while in matches or in menus.