Black Ops goes for a record number of

CEO Bobby Kotick claimed earlier in 2010 that Call of Duty is a networking phenomenon as it is a video gaming one. Activision decided to back that up by posting the numbers that proved so...and showed that they also surpassed Facebook's numbers. With more than 20 million users on COD: Black Ops, the game and its players have logged more than 600 million hours between its release and December 24th, 2010. Computing that, it means the average player has played around 87 minutes per day, while Facebook's per-day average usage amongst its people is 55 minutes per day.

"...more than 20 million users on Call of Duty: Black Ops logged more than 600 million hours of playtime between the game's Nov. 9 release and Dec. 24," says Activision. "That computes to an average of 87 minutes per day per player. Facebook's per-day/per-user average is around 55 minutes. " You can read it all here: (Black Ops and its 600 million hours).

Six hundred million hours? That translates to nearly 69,000 years. According to my nerd math, the Roman Empire could have been created, flourished, and fallen nearly 137 times! (Maybe I should play "Civilization 5" 137 times then to recreate that.)