COD Now Has Over 40 Million Players, Half from MW3

Activision stated in a news release to sources like Kotaku that as of now its Call of Duty franchise has reached to more than 40 million monthly active users across all of its titles, half of them coming from Modern Warfare 3. Meanwhile, there are around seven million users in the game's Call of Duty: Elite service with around 1.5 million of them being paying annual members.

In January, Xbox Live reported that the three most recent Call of Duty titles captured first, second, and third place in its listing of Xbox 360's most popular games played. The figure included those playing the game while logged into Xbox Live, not just playing multiplayer by itself. World at War and the first Modern Warfare game also made the top twenty as well. Activision said that those two split around five million users, meaning 2.5 million each.

After this news release, Activision also confirmed it's working on the second iteration of Call of Duty: Elite, which will support this year's later release of the series.