EA Displays Their Plans for the Future

There is plenty of room in our gaming lives for more Battlefield 3, Bad Company and other military first-person shooters from EA, the giant game publisher's number two boss told the public through a recent interview with Kotaku just recently.

"I think the genre is big enough, and they're different experiences," said EA CEO Peter Moore said during a brief sit-down interview in New York City. Just a day before that, representatives of EA sent Kotaku and others to an event in San Francisco that was emblazoned with a logo for Medal of Honor, so likely a new Medal of Honor game is coming soon.

Moore wouldn't confirm the title's existence, but continually hinted at it. He also said that the game won't be like Battlefield, it will be more focused on being squad-based and will focus more on close combat so that the two titles aren't the same.

Afterwards, when asked about the Battlefield: Bad Company series, EA stated (post-interview) that while there are no announcements to make on the series, they see Battlefield: Bad Company as "a very viable component of the Battlefield universe moving forward." Meaning they we could probably see more Bad Company in the near future.

During the interview, Moore was asked about rival Activision's Elite service. Moore admitted that he admired Elite optional subscription service that lets participants pay $50 to get early discounted access to downloadable expansions for Modern Warfare 3.

"To Activision's credit,.. when you speak to retailers who were selling the cards, and you speak to gamers who think it's a great deal; they've done a phenomenal job in marketing digital content going forward...certainly we've got a digital content flow yet to be announced on that. We will look at different business models that will make a good value for the consumer...we continue to look at how we keep the disc in the drive, as we say."

Battlefield 3 now has over 11 million players. Moore commented that it isn't the last FPS you're ever going to see from EA as they will continue to bridge on its success and support the game at the same time. He did hint about his days of watching over Microsoft's early days of Halo map packs, which means we're likely to see more BF3 map packs.