So after watching the video The Legend of Karl: An introduction to Elite gaming, there are multiple questions that pop to the forefront of every gamers mind. Is the Elite feature going to be so sick, that it will make regular free online gameplay obsolete? Or is it just a nice little perk for the Call of Duty players who take their craft a tad bit more serious than most of us? Will this be the dawn of a new social networking platform that will propel Call of Duty to a level equivalent of professional sports? Okay that last bit was a stretch, I know, but still, the ramifications of Elite are still yet to be ascertained.

So before everybody starts freaking out about how Call of Duty is going to become too expensive ala World of Warcraft, or that Activision has decided to sell our souls for more money, lets take a moment to examine what it is that the Elite package entails. Factor number 1: you are going to have pay monthly if you want Elite. While, that may not be a big deal for some, for the vast majority of people out there, I cannot imagine why you would want to pay for something that should in all retrospect be free.

Secondly, even if it was worth paying for, I still doubt that any social networking platform revolving around Call of Duty would be successful enough to change the game in any significant way. Besides being a little quip for obsessive gamers who want to join a clan, Elites use seems more recreational and if Activision was smart they would offer a free trial of elite for a certain period of time, just to see how people respond. Dont sound the alarm just yet, Call of Duties days are not numbered, in fact Id be willing to bet that things are about to get more interesting.

-Evil Nick