Famous Comedian/Actor Chris Rock Could Have Been Naughty Dog's Lovably Annoying Sidekick

So back in the year 2000, comedian and actor Chris Rock was at the height of his career and Sony was the leading force in the video game industry. Sony and Naughty Dog were betting on the success of "Jak and Daxter."

What very few people knew (until recent news about a tweet by co-founder Jason Rubin) is that when Naughty Dog was looking for voice acting for the game, they asked Chris Rock to be the voice of the overly chatty Daxter. Unfortunately, Rock turned them down. In addition, they asked the late George Carlin to play the role Samos the Sage in the game also. He, like Rock, turned them down.

But back then it was sort of rare for actors to lend their voice acting skills to video games. Years later, it became more acceptable and nowadays, it's expected with most major titles.