CLG takes HWC Win

After a beautiful display of games over the course of last week, CLG has managed to take home the cup for the Halo World Championship and have bagged themselves the biggest single cash prize in all of FPS eSports history. In fact, CLG's $1 million win over Team Allegiance has set them to be the first team outside of Dota 2 to win $1 million in a single event.

Even eSports titles like League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive haven't seen prize pools as large as the HWC and as you can imagine CLG are pretty chuffed about their win. In the grand finals, CLG (Or Counterlogic Gaming) went against Allegiance and CLG absolutely crushed the competition.

The first game was Capture The Flag on Coliseum, which ended in a tie with CLG's Frosty taking one flag and Allegiance's eL toWin's taking another. Because of the tie, the first game was replayed and this time CLG crushed Allegiance with a 3-0 scoreline. SnakeBite managed to capture 2 flags whilst Royal 2 captured another just to add salt to the wound.

Game 2 was Team Slayer on The Rig and CLG beat Allegiance black and blue. CLG's Royal 2 lead the game with 17 kills, just 5 kills away from the entire score of the enemy team.

By game 3 it was clear that CLG had built up an insane momentum and Allegiance had lost the will to play it out. Game 3 was Strongholds on Plaza and CLG took an 100 score against Allegiance's 15.

As you may have expected by this point, game 4 saw CLG take the win with Capture The Flag on Fathom 2ith a 2-1 score. Game 4 closed it out and CLG took the win for the entire series.