infiltration street fighter v

The first event in anticipation for Capcom Cup 2016 was played out this month and it saw Team Razer's Infiltration take a win against Mad Catz's Tokido in a 3-1 game in the grand final. The event was a Final Round Street Fighter V tournament and by taking the win, Infiltration has now qualified for Capcom Cup 2016.

Mad Catz Tokido took second place and in third place was Mad Catz Mago. Haitani Tetsuya placed in fourth. At this point all four players have already fought against each other in the past so the games that took place at the tournament were a spectacle to watch. With that being said, Infiltration was a long way ahead of the rest of the game and it almost seems as if the rest of the Street Fighter pro scene has a lot to catch up to at this point in time. Last year Infiltration was one of two players to take six event wins and he’s already had a great start to the new season.

However, last season was played on Ultra Street Fighter IV so it will be interesting to see how the competition pans out after players have had more hours in Street Fighter V. Unlike previous launches, Street Fighter V got a simultaneous worldwide launch so all players have had the same amount of time to get to grips with the new title. With that being said, American players still couldn't reach the top 4 spots, despite Snake Eyez and Filipino Champ being expected to have a good shot at it. Both Snake Eyez and Filipino Champ reached top 16, however.

Asian players have still got a huge lead over other regions. In the past 21 CPT events, there have been no American wins, 20 wins from Asian players and one win from Brazilian player Keoma Pachec.