Guerrilla Games has recently confirmed that you will be able to customize your own personal weapons in the upcoming Killzone: Shadow Fall.

This will mark the reintroduction of weapon attachments to the Killzone series, and players will be able to add custom attachments to weapons like the Helghast StA-55 assault rifle and the StA-52 rifle.

Roy Postma, Killzone: Shadow Fall's art director has said a few things on the subject, and discussed the inclusion of an attachment system.

"It's still the same work horse of the Helghast, doing the same thing: a high fire rate with a big magazine in a nice, compact package. It's the perfect all-round weapon if you don't require high accuracy. So there are no new surprises on the weapon in terms of functionality. The biggest functional change, and one that is not limited to the StA-55, is the reintroduction of attachments. We can switch out various sights and optics, secondary weapon attachments, grips, flashlights, silencers – you name it. This makes the StA-55 even more versatile, but it did require us to go over some functional and cosmetic changes to be able to make them all fit on the weapon in an appealing and functional manner."

Whilst having the ability to customize weapons with attachments in first person shooters is far from new, it could open up a lot of windows for creativity in Killzone: Shadow Fall and I really hope that Guerrilla Games does a good job at implementing it into the new game.

Killzone: Shadow Fall is currently scheduled for a 2013 quarter 4 release for the PlayStation 4.