Dead Space DLC

Visceral games are one of my favorite development teams because they consistently bring out new and original concepts for games, and the Dead Space 3 trilogy has been an extremely exciting experience to play through. I am looking forward to playing through Dead Space 3, however there's one element of the game that has almost tainted the experience.

Publishers like Activision and EA seem to eat up and spew out any method they seem fit to bring in more cash to their titles, and at times it almost ruins a games atmosphere.

Dead Space 3 will include 11 DLC packs from launch, to help new players within the game. The game has apparently been directed towards 'those that have played action games only on their phones.' If you've watched the mobile gaming market over the last year specifically, you will have noticed that most games are what analysts call 'freemium titles.' They usually offer the base title for free, but restrict players by creating unusually hard objectives within the game, and by constantly shoving purchasable items and products to help ease their gameplay.

For $60, it's more than likely that Dead Space 3 will be playable from start to finish without an extra penny spent, however it seems EA have started to adopt the new 'freemium' model by offering DLC packs to help players.

According to Eurogamer, most of the new DLC packs will lead towards the new crafting system, offering attributes like sped-up loot collection, or new armor suits for Isaac in the game. More packs will offer stat boosts to your crafting bots, and these are separate from the micro-transactions that will also be found in-game.

Is it fair for a publisher to include micro-transactions in a game that already costs $60 to play? In my opinion it's far from fair, and the game's original cost should be lowered if EA wish to continue with this model in the future.