Saints Row 4 Coming

A tweet from a person working at Deep Silver has given us all the more reason to stay tuned to PAX East this year, as 'something HUGE' will be shown off there.

Although it's not definitely a yes, after Deep Silver purchased the rights to Saints Row in the THQ auction, it'd make a lot of sense to see a brand new Saints Row game hit the industry very soon.

Another tweet from Chris Stockman, the design director for Saints Row 1, tells us that he's heard 'around the campfire' that a new Saints Row game will be ready for retail this August, on current gen hardware.

This would put the release of the next Saints Row game dangerously close to a similar open world title, the incredibly popular GTA 5. This seems like an incredibly brave move on Deep Silver's behalf, especially considering the huge fan-base already impatiently waiting for GTA's release after Rockstar announced the unfortunate delay for the game.

Whatever happens, we'll have to keep our eyes peeled and our ears pricked. While we wait for more info, check out our modded PS3 controllers in our Controller Creator!